OUR SMP(sustainable management plan)

Vision: “Noroc Romania” offers tourism services with a minimum impact on nature and wishes to increase the quality of life in the community where it operates through a correct attitude towards employees and the promotion of local products, culture and traditions.


  • 1. conservation of natural resources and reduction of impact on the environment
  • 2. stimulating local community development through employment of personnel from local communities and promotion of local culture and traditions
  • 3. ensuring safe and high quality services
  • 4. employees and tourists benefit from work safety and activity program safety


Conservation of natural resources and reduction of impact on the environment

Reduction of the amount of waste and refuse

  • we do our best to use biodegradable packaging
  • we use only reusable or biodegradable recipients
  • we don’t use disposable items (utensils and recipients)
  • we encourage both personnel and tourists to take part in programmes of collection, recycling and reduction of the amount of waste;
  • we collect and remove all the waste encountered on our way;
  • we make compost out of organic waste;
  • we organize cleaning days in early spring and before our races or tours (at least four times a year). Reduction of energy consumption:
  • the tours, routes and timetables are planned in such a way as to reduce the travelling time and distances (including through avoiding crowded areas and rush hours);
  • we encourage tourists to use fuel-efficient transport (e.g. offering information regarding public transport, offering hire bikes to visit tourist attractions)
  • we encourage employees to walk, to use bicycles or public transport to get to work
  • we use vehicles that do not consume more than 10 liters / 100 km Reduction of impact on air, soil and water:
  • tourist facilities and activities (e.g. building, paths) do not lead to change of land use, change in water courses, total displacement of vegetation, etc.;
  • we offer tourists the possibility to enjoy the „peace of nature”

Stimulating local community development

Stimulating local community development through hiring personnel from local communities and promoting local culture and traditions. Stimulating local community development is done through the following actions:

  • we use local guides’ services to present significant local attractions and to systematically prepare other guides;
  • we use the services of other local people (e.g. personnel for the kitchen, transport, etc.);
  • we encourage the purchase of local products and gifts;
  • we use other local services (e.g. hiring bikes, carts etc.);
  • we contribute financially to the creation of local infrastructure or local events (e.g. “Maraton Piatra Craiului”, „4 Munti MTB”, „PostavaruNight”);
  • we offer the opportunity of practice to students/young people who live in the area, in order to have some work experience in the field of ecotourism. Promotion of local culture and traditions:
  • we communicate to tourists a code of behavior that needs adopting within the local community;
  • we present to tourists the customs of the area, we encourage the participation in traditional festivals;
  • we serve food specific to the area;
  • we purchase local products as far as possible: souvenirs, food and drink etc.

Ensuring safe and high quality services

Ensuring safe and high quality services: tourists have access to a list of contact people in case of emergency that includes: fire guard service; natural area administration, mountain rescue, hospital, others;

  • all the employees of the company carry „safety equipment” in case it might be necessary; proper use of equipment is explained by the manager of the company or firm / specially trained people;
  • at least one employee of the company has been trained to give first aid and to take part in the activities that involve first aid. The first aid kit is available at any time and kept somewhere accessible.

Safety activities

Employees and tourists benefit from both work place safety and safety of the activities they take part in: the company and all the employees are insured according to the category of activities they organize and take part in, respectively; the participants in all these activities receive clear information regarding the insurance included in the product of the company.