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Another trail was born…a trail that we have discovered two years ago and we started to organize and offer last year! For us was an amazing experience and our intention is to share with you! Is an “in-line” trail and we have called “TransApuseni”, because it crosses 2/3 part from Western Romanian Carpathians. These mountains are special for us, because Apuseni Mountains are different, unique in our country, with many karsts; here the nature and the inhabitants named “Moți” have been living in a perfect symbiosis from the beginning! You will be charmed by their unique way of life, which is still a long row of traditions, by the specific architecture and local customs. You will cross almost 300km, 6 different mountains, part of Apuseni, from south to north in 7 days; it will be not only a crossing, it will be a-discovering trail, where you’ll discover ancestral traditions, unspoiled areas, mountain villages forgotten by time, beautiful gorges, ice caves.Period: from late April to October/ suitable number of people in a group: 6-12/ the trail can be customized.



only guided


Late April to October

Tech details

300km with +8500m elevation

10% asphalt, 75% dirt roads, 15% natural single tracks

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Day 1

Alba Iulia city, half-day biking. Private transfer from airport (Timisoara,Bucuresti,Sibiu,Cluj-Napoca) to Alba Iulia, for visiting the first capital of the three principalities of Romania: Wallachia, Transylvania and Moldavia, a great historical and cultural center. Four hours biking from the fortress of Alba Iulia to Ampoița, a small village considered the gate of Apuseni Mountains, charming and peaceful village, with beautiful gorges, caves, impressive landscape, unspoiled forests. Overnight at a local guesthouse, where you can taste the unique traditional pies. Technical details: 20 km with 700m+

Day 2

From the beginning we will be in the middle of an unspoiled nature, in our way we will cross gentle hills and deep valleys; we will meet happy and simple people which are still living like 100 years ago! Here the trails are not technical, you can stay all the time on your bicycle, the downhills are long and fluid…we will stop to see a natural whirlpool still in use in Ighiel. A challenging uphill until the Iezer lake: a real natural mirror. You will cross a hamlet with few scattered houses and 37 inhabitants. The last downhill is a trekking path who lead you at the entry in the famous Râmeț canyon. A visit could be possible. Overnight in a local guesthouse. Technical details: 63km with 1700m+

Day 3

We’ll continue our crossing until in the place where Arieș river separates Apuseni mountains in two parts. We pass next to a stone pit and climb on a dirt road to Brădești. Picnic lunch in a local house and nice, flowing downhill to Sălciua. A special place as “Vânătarea Ponorului” waterfall is a “must see”. A nice hidden single track down will lead us to a local guesthouse where we overnight. Technical details: 45km with 900m+

Day 4

Today the trail start crossing the Arieș river on a flying bridge. Then, 4 km flat and a long uphill to Muntele Mare. Our goal for today is to arrive in Băișoara, a famous ski resort from this region. A long uphill followed by a beautiful downhill, traversing one big plateau close to many sheep-folders, lakes, forests. We are far away from civilization and this is impressive. Overnight in a guesthouse in the center of Băișoara. Technical details: 35km with 1100m+

Day 5

From Băișoara we are going towards to Albac riding on the main ridge of Muntele Mare. A different day, without many inhabited places to see, only forest, blueberries, few forest shelters. The trail is with many “up and down” on a green hilly area. The downhill to Albac is a mixture of single track with dirt road and narrow paths, through forest and people’s gardens. Technical details: 53km with 1200m+

Day 6

Today we’ll follow a dirt road in uphill which will lead us in a small mountain village where was born Horea: a national hero, the leader of peasant’s rebellion from Transylvania, in 1784. A single track down to the main road and picnic-lunch in a small local bar. One long uphill on a remote asphalted road until Ursoaia saddle. A dirt road crossing on the border between Alba and Cluj counties and the downhill to Scărișoara, flowing long single track. Visit Scărișoara Cave, one of the largest ice caves in Romania. Declared a natural monument and a speleological reservation, the cave (situated at 1150 m altitude) is famous for its glacier that is older than 3000 years. The area of the glacier is 5500 square m and the ice layer alternates between 26 and 37 m in thickness. Impressive landscapes around and welcoming hosts are waiting for you with tasteful food. Technical details: 40km with 1500m+

Day 7

The last day…we’ll ride up few km to “Padiș plateau”, a place where we can see shepherds with their flocks; we enter in the fascinating world of karst: “Cetățile Ponorului” (Fortress of Ponor). Known as the most imposing and splendid lime formations in Romania are built of three large circles of stone, assembled in an afforested depression. The circles of stone are 300 meters deep and more than 1 km in diameter. The “Focul Viu” ice cave contains the third largest permanent underground fossil ice block in the country. Around noon, the sunlight enters directly through the ceiling window creating an amazing setting. One of the ice block margins leads into a steep crevasse near the stone wall. It will be an interesting day with mountain biking and adventure into a world of rocks and ice. The last long downhill will lead us in the final point of the tour, Arieșeni, in a local guesthouse outside the village. Technical details: 44km with 1300m+

Day 8

Private transfer to airport for departure…after 7 days of mountain biking, caving, crossing gorges and waters, you have to say good bye! You leave behind a fascinating world, almost untouched, a world which you can meet only in another few places in this world!


The price includes:
 -private transfer from airport and back
– guided tour
-8 days/7 nights, half board accommodation in double rooms
– picnic-lunch each day on tour
-luggage transfer between days
-car assistance where is possible
-technical T-shirt
Not included:
 -drinks, extra transfers, cable cars, insurance, flight tickets, bicycles rent, single fee, entry fee for sights

Prices 6-8 people


Prices 9-12 people

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