From the oldest mountain, Macin to the Danube Delta


Macin Mountains are situated in south-eastern Romania, namely in northwestern Dobrogea, Tulcea county. They are a subdivision of Dobrogea Mountains, one of the oldest mountains in Romania formed 300-400 million years ago and the stories go that there were about 3,000 meters high and were part of a massif that stretched throughout Europe from west to east. Macin Mountains are now one of the protected areas of our country, getting the national park status. The highest peak-467 meters- is Tutuiatu (also called Greci).

The Macin Mountains are the most arid mountains in Romania, having a very hot climate and dry summers, long and dry autumns and very cold winters with poor quantities of snow.

With an altitude between 7 and 467 meters, these mountains provide a habitat for approximately 50 percent of species of plants and animals found all over Romania. This area has a rich fauna, so if you pay enough attention, you can see an endangered species also declared a monument of nature, ‘the spur-thighed tortoise’ (broasca testoasa dobrogeana – Testudo graeca ibera). It is almost 30 cm long and 20 cm wide and when hibernation starts, in autumn, it buries itself 30-40 cm deep. It lives approximately 100 years.

Within Macin Mountains National Park you can also find one of the oldest, most impressive and well-known reservations of our country – the Beech Valley Natural Reservation.  It is characterized by the unique and strong presence of ‘Tauric beech’, which shows intermediate types between the native beech, Oriental beech and underwood flora, unique in Dobrogea and similar to Crimean beech woods. While in the area you can also visit: the Basilica with crypt, St. Athanasius Church, Paleo-Christian basilica with crypt, the Curative Fountain on Pricopan Crest, Roman Citadel Noviodunum, Roman fortress Arrubium, Macin, Aegyssus Roman fortress.



guided or self-guided


March-June, September-October

Suitable number of people: 6-14

Tech details

remote roads, wide dirt roads

Do you need a bike?


Day 1

Transfer from Bucharest to Braila. 2 and 1/2 hours. The landscape is dominated by forms of low height of mountains eroded (Macin Mountains) remnants of the old Hercynian mountain range-the oldest mountain range in Europe. You have the opportunity to visit a winery and taste quality wine.The vineyards are located on land with elevations between 50 and 200 meters, forming amphitheaters wide openings to the Danube valley – river came nearly to the end of its long journey.
Accommodation and dinner in a local guesthouse.

Day 2

We’ll explore by bicycle Dobrogea, an area with a picturesque who spreads his past beyond the period of Roman colonization (in north of Dobrogea Romans were installed in the second century, building a series of forts to defend the empire from the attacks of populations barbaric, testimony stand forts as Arrubium- Macin town, Noviodunum-Isaccea, Aegesius-Tulcea, Troesmis-Turcoaia)…Accommodation in Tulcea.

Day 3

Half day biking from Tulcea to Murighiol, the place where we have to cross by boat Sf. Gheorghe canal untill Uzlina or Crisan. Accommodation here in a local guesthouse and dinner with seafood dish.

Day 4 & 5

Guided motor boating and boat with paddle on the wild and wonderful canals and lakes of the Danube Delta, bird watching. You will be impressed by the beauty of the flowers: white and yellow water lilies. Motor boat trip on the Old Danube, Caraorman and Letea where we will visiting the forests of oaks and sand dunes (forests Caraorman and Letea aremonuments of nature) or to Sulina in order to see the place where the Danube meets Black Sea.

Day 6

Transfer by boat back in Murghiol. Transfer by car to Bucharest.

The price is for a 5-7 person group and includes:

-transfer by car and by boat from Bucharest to Crisan and back

-bicycles for rent, 2 days

-half-board accommodation, 6 days/5 nights

-picnic-lunch each day on tour

-guided tour, 4 days

-water activities (boating, fishing, paddling)

-visit  Letea forest – natural reservation from 1930

Not included:
 -overnight in the last day in Bucharest (we can organize at request) visit the winery, souvenirs, other activities.




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