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Sander Coomans
The most diverse, challenging and beautiful multi-day mountainbike tour I have ever made was organized for us by Mountainbike Romania. Compared to this trip an average TransAlp is just a bike around the block.
Thanks Dani for your continuous search for \'special\' trails and great lines! And both you and Andreaa for your endless care for making our holiday an unforgettable experience!
2014-10-27, 22:42
Piet-Hein Peeters
I just came back from MTB trip organized bij Mountainbike Romania. It was a unforgettable experience. We expected a lot but the variance of the trails and the beautiful landscape exceeded all our expectations. We were most impressed by the way Dani and Andreea organized the trip for us and by all the assistance we got during the ride. Perfect organization! Thank you so much!
2014-10-27, 22:43
Garrett Fleming
Had an amazing week MTBing with you guys. Very challenging uphills and mega Downhills. Scenery is spectacular and the people were extremely hospitable. an overall excellent experience, I highly recommend this as an entertaining, challenging and fulfilling week of moun tain biking with a taste of Romanian culture thrown in for good measure. thanks guys.
2014-06-16, 19:27
Debbie Ivry
We had 8 wonderful biking days in the Carpathian mountains. Andrea and Dani showed us the authentic Romania: views, villages, people,food and nature. The biking was great, lots of challenging uphills and exciting downhills. I recomend this trip to all bikers!
2012-10-26, 10:34
yaki sfadya
We had a great bike tour !! all was well organized, locations, uniqe hotels and guasthouses, food and many intersting views. All thanks to Andreea and Dan who make it a real fun, even when we pushed our bikes up hill ....:-)
Reccomended to all.
2012-09-17, 14:57
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