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Vision: “Noroc Romania” offers tourism services with a minimum impact on nature and wishes to increase the quality of life in the community where it operates through a correct attitude towards employees and the promotion of local products, culture and traditions. Objectives: 1. conservation...
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This is a special trail, with a special price only for May 2017! All week you will overnight in a charming guesthouse from Magura village - a famous, but still remote area. Is a special offer for 8 person groups in May and includes 5 different days with more single tracks downhills and less...
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Another trail was born...a trail that we have discovered two years ago and we started to organize and offer last year! For us was an amazing experience and our intention is to share with you! Is an “in-line” trail and we have called “TransApuseni”, because it crosses 2/3 part from...
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An “in-line” trail (350km with 8500m+), created for all mountain bikers who love the idea of crossing mountains, of reaching peaks of 2500m high, even the weather is not so good, even sometimes you have to push the bicycles, even you have to overnight in a mountain hut and in that day you...
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Transilvania includono centro della Romania, la Transilvania's Hollow e che degrada Carpazi che si inchinò ad esso. Transilvania è di gran lunga la provincia più romantico rumeno. Montagne allacciato da tempo, freddo corsi d'acqua, cristallina, boschi fitti e ombrosi, chiese di legno, i...
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